The Benefits of Endurance Running

It takes great endurance to run in a marathon. Running over 26 miles in a race that most times includes elite runners whose pace is simply blistering is no small affair. While some people run with the intention of making a podium finish, many are simply happy to participate. For most people, the very ability to participate and complete a marathon is satisfactory enough. Endurance running has a great host of benefits and knowing them could encourage more people to get involved.¬†Builds resilience –¬†Sometimes we do not really realize how strong we are and it takes some endurance exercise to prove this. Psychologists have established that the mind and body are inter-connected and when we push our bodies to their physical limits our minds become stronger.
While the body feels the discomfort of the exertion it is being subjected to (and would actually want to stop it) we still have the desire to run for a few more minutes (for example) or reach the finish line (when it is not even visible). This desire to accomplish something we are not sure we are capable of achieving builds the kind of resilience that you can never hope to acquire anywhere else.

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